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Deployment Information

Monday, July 15, 2024

For members of the Armed Forces:

If you are on military orders for a deployment, activation to duty, or a temporary or permanent change of station that lasts more than 30 days that will prevent you from completing your current semester at UA - Pulaski Tech, you have the right, under Arkansas Code § 6-61-112, to be allowed one of the options listed below for refund/completion.

For Dependents:

If you are included on the military orders of a spouse, parent, or legal guardian which include a 30 day or more absence that will prevent you from completing your current semester, you have the right, under Arkansas Code § 6-61-112, to be allowed one of the options listed below for refund/completion.

Options for individuals facing orders of 30 days or more during a semester:

1. If you paid out-of-pocket and are not receiving any financial aid, you are eligible to receive a 100% refund of tuition & fees.

2. If your tuition and fees are paid by financial aid (including grants and loans), you will not receive a refund. Instead, you will be offered a waiver for tuition and fees upon return to UA-PTC. The tuition and fee waiver will cover up to, but not to exceed, the total tuition and fee charges for which you are currently enrolled.

3. If you are within four (4) weeks of the end of the semester, you may choose to speak with the instructors in each class regarding an Incomplete. The Incomplete procedure must be followed.

Military Deployment withdrawals must be initiated in the Veterans Services Office.

Deployment Form


Veterans Services Office

University of Arkansas - Pulaski Technical College
3000 West Scenic Drive
A Building, Room 127
North Little Rock, AR 72118
Phone: (501) 812-2720
Fax: (501) 812-2703

1. Complete the Request for Refund of Tuition & Fees or Tuition & Fees waived upon return. Make sure to sign and date the form. Both pages of form must be submitted.

2. Attach a copy of your official military orders.

3. If a dependent of a soldier is being deployed - a copy of DEERS paperwork showing military dependency.
• Notify your instructor(s) of the deployment and discuss the possibility of Incompletes if you will be leaving within four weeks of the end of the current term and have a grade of "C" or better.
• Meet with Financial Aid Office to see determine how the withdrawal will impact the current financial aid package and future financial aid eligibility.

Incomplete Grade Policy

Awarding a grade of incomplete, "I," is completely at the discretion of the instructor. A grade of incomplete is considered only when the student has been unable, because of illness or other reasons beyond his/her control, to finish work assigned in the course near the end of a semester. Students must meet the following conditions to be considered for an incomplete grade:

  • The student must contact the instructor to initiate the incomplete request and must make arrangements for completing the coursework with the instructor.
  • The student must be carrying at least a “C” in the course prior to the circumstances prompting the request for an incomplete grade.
  • The student must be in compliance with all course requirements, including attendance and must have completed at least 60 percent of the coursework.
  • The student must submit appropriate documentation of the reason(s) the student is not able to complete the coursework to the instructor.
  • The student and instructor must agree on specific course requirements to be completed and must complete and sign the Incomplete Grade Form.
  • The appropriate dean must approve all requests for a grade of incomplete.
  • Course requirements agreed upon by the student and instructor and specified on the Incomplete Grade Form must be completed within one academic semester. An incomplete grade not made up by the following fall/spring semester will automatically become an "F."