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Talent Acquisition

Tuesday, July 16, 2024

UA-PTC Alumni - William Tweedy

"The Business and Industry Center at UA-PTC has been an excellent partner for our pre-employment Skills Development program. We appreciate the attention given to our unique needs and the creative approach that helped bring our program to life. Thank you for helping us build a more educated workforce at Dassault Falcon Jet."
- Melody A. Brown - Learning and Development Manager - Dassault Falcon Jet

3-Step Approach

Step 1 - Job announcements posted everywhere; social media, newspaper.

Step 2 - Online application/Screening process. UA-PTC and employer select participants for training.

Step 3 - Training Phase I - 6 weeks; 2 nights/week. Assessments include: problem solving and team interaction skills, punctuality, attitude, eagerness to learn and attention to detail. (Preliminary interviews at the end of Phase I.)

Training Phase II - 4 weeks; 1 night/week and 8 hrs on Saturday; Classroom and hands-on technical skills training.

Training Phase III - Held at the business.

*Customizable based on industry need.

For questions, contact Grace Sandlin, Outreach Coordinator at

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