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Active Bids and Proposals

Monday, July 15, 2024

Open Bids

IFB-25-001 Grounds Keeping

RFP-24-026 - Independent Third Party Developmental Evaluator

RFP-24-026 - Addenda 1

RFP-24-026 - Response to Questions

IFB-24-021 - Manufacturing Training Equipment and Components

IFB-24-020 - CNC Machinery with Components

RFP-24-016 - Campus Website Redesign

RFP-24-016-Responses to Questions for Website Redesign

RFP-24-016 Response to Questions Part 2

RFP-24-016 Website Redesign Addenda 1

RFP-24-005R - South Campus Cellular Boosting

RFP-24-005R - South Campus Cellular Boosting Addenda 1

RFP-24-005R Responses to Questions for Cellular Boosting

RFP-24-012 - Janitorial Service

RFP-24-012 - Janitorial Services Addenda 1

RFP-24-012 - Janitorial Services Addenda 2 Date Changes

RFP-24-012 - Responses to Questions for Janitorial Services

RFP-24-012 - Addenda 3 Information for Evaluation

RFP-24-012 - Addenda 4 Date Changes

RFP-24-012 Janitorial Services - Scoring Summary

IFB-24-013 - Interpreter Services

IFB-24-008 - Matco Multifunctional Tools

IFB-24-007R - Diesel Engine Trainers/Turnkey Training Module

IFB-24-007 - Diesel Engine Trainers

IFB-24-007 - Notice of Non Award

RFP-24-005 - South Campus Cellular Boosting

RFP-24-005 - Cellular Boosting Addenda 1 - Date Changes

RFP-24-005 - Questions and Answers

RFP-24-005 - Cellular Boosting Addenda 2 - Subcontracots

RFP-24-005 Notice of Non Award

Thank you for your interest in doing business with University of Arkansas - Pulaski Technical College (UA-PTC).

Sealed bids will be opened in the Campus Center Building on DATE/TIME indicated on the bid.

  • Interested companies should pay special attention to the scheduled portion in each of the requests.
  • Proposals must be submitted in a sealed envelope with the proposal number and deadline date clearly indicated on the bottom left hand side of the front of the envelope.
  • The contents of any proposal shall not be disclosed during any negotiations that may occur.
  • All proposals shall be valid until contract is awarded.
  • Proposals will be made public after award has been announced.
  • Amendments, Addenda and Revised RFP's will be presented on this website in PDF format

When campus locations are closed for any unforeseen circumstance (i.e. inclement weather, fire, or other natural disasters), all pre-bid conferences and bid openings shall be postponed until 3 p.m. the next fully open and operational workday (8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., CST, M-F).