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Prior Learning Assessment Process

Monday, July 15, 2024

UA-PTC Campus Center Building

How does Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) work? Below are steps through the PLA process at UA-PTC.

Step 1: Contact the PLA Coordinator at

Step 2: Appointment 1 – Process Overview

Step 3: Appointment 2 – Portfolio Review

Step 4: Complete the PLA Portfolio Application.

Step 5: Pay the $25 application fee at the cashier window.

Step 6: Return the application fee receipt to the PLA Coordinator.

Step 7: The PLA Coordinator will contact the student to inform if the portfolio was approval or denied. If the portfolio is denied, the student can file an appeal or accept the denied review. If the portfolio is approved:

Step 8: Student takes the PLA Portfolio Result Form to Student Accounts and pays 25% of tuition.

Step 9: The PLA Coordinator submits results to Registrar.

Step 10: Grade posted to student’s transcript.

For questions about PLA, contact the Office of Records at (501) 812-2220 or e-mail