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Prior Learning Assessment Credit

Monday, July 15, 2024

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UA - Pulaski Tech has adopted the following general policies for awarding PLA credit:

1. Credit for prior learning can be awarded only after the assessment of prior learning experiences and only for documented learning that demonstrates achievement of all identified learning outcomes for a specific course or courses.

2. A maximum of 30 credit hours of transferable degree requirements (e.g. Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, etc) can be satisfied by receiving academic credit through PLA.

3. For certain certificate programs and non-transferable degree programs (e.g. Technical Certificates, Associate of Applied Science, etc), the maximum credit hours that may be satisfied through PLA will vary.

4. To be eligible to petition for PLA, the student must be currently enrolled and in good standing at UA-PTC, or be eligible for re-admission to the college.

5. Credit may only be awarded for courses applicable to the student’s declared degree plan.

6. All PLA credit must be awarded prior to the student’s last semester of enrollment (before graduation).

7. PLA credit does not count toward the 15 credit hour residency requirement of the college, nor meet eligibility requirements for financial aid or loan deferment.

8. Students who are denied credit through PLA for a specific course may not petition for credit again for that course by any options defined under PLA.

9. A student may not receive credit twice for a course that has been awarded through PLA.

PLA fees are not to purchase college credit. Therefore, all PLA-associated fees are non-refundable. Paying any required fees is not a guarantee of credit approval; it is to pay for the service of evaluating the student’s documentation. Financial aid does not cover PLA fee expenses.

Prior learning credits will be noted on the student’s transcript as having been awarded through PLA. Grades are not recorded when credits are earned through PLA, nor is a student’s grade point average affected.

UA-PTC does not guarantee that another college or university will accept PLA credit in transfer. Every effort is made to collaborate with UA-PTC’s major transfer institutions to ease the process of transferring credit, but you should check with any school about their transfer and PLA policies.

For questions about PLA, contact the Office of Records at (501) 812-2220 or e-mail