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ADA Student Grievance

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

In order to file a grievance in relation to classroom accommodations or other disability related concern, students should follow the process outlined below:

A. The student should first communicate his/her concerns related to the accommodation(s) directly with the instructor.

B. If unsatisfied with the outcome, the student should make an appointment to discuss the concerns with a counselor in the Office of Disability services.

C. If unsatisfied with the outcome, the student should provide the following information in writing and make an appointment to discuss the information with the Dean of Student Life and Wellness:

  • A clear and concise statement of the problem or issues to be reviewed and a summary of steps taken, if any, by the student to resolve the problem or issues prior to the filing.
  • A reasonably detailed description of the relevant facts including the student’s documented disability, approved accommodations, names of persons with information related to the complaint, and a description or copies of relevant documents or other evidence relevant to the grievance.
  • The name, contact information and signature of the person initiating the complaint.

D. If the outcome is still not sufficient for the complainant, the written grievance should be submitted to the following:

Dean of Student Life and Wellness and 504 Coordinator
Michelle Anderson
Campus Center Building, Room 306C
(501) 812-2756