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Vehicle Registration and Parking Stickers

Monday, July 15, 2024

Business and Information Technology Center

All students, faculty and staff members who operate vehicles and park on any facility of or at events sponsored by UA - Pulaski Technical College are required to register their vehicle.

Registration for students is required before the first day of classes. Each student may register up to two vehicles by providing the make, model, year, color and license plate number of each vehicle. Registration at events sponsored by the college will be at the discretion of campus police officers and/or the college administration.

All vehicles an individual plans to operate on campus must be registered. When a vehicle is sold and another vehicle is brought onto campus, the new vehicle must be registered and a new decal obtained. If a parking decal becomes unreadable, a new one must be obtained. Parking decals are not transferable to other students, non-students, faculty or staff. Temporary parking permits are available in the Office of Police and Public Safety.

Display of Parking Decal/Sticker

Students may be issued up to two parking decals once they have completed the vehicle registration process. If a person chooses to register only one vehicle, they may only receive one decal. Students may obtain their decal, after they have registered their vehicle(s), from the Cashier’s Window on the second floor of the Campus Center Building. The decal must be displayed on the outside, lower left of the driver’s side back window.

All decals must be displayed clearly without obstruction of permit information. People who are permitted to park in donor spaces must also have a valid parking decal displayed on their vehicle to be considered in compliance with parking regulations.