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Parking Violation Appeal

Monday, July 15, 2024

UA - Pulaski Tech Campus Center

Any person who feels that his or her vehicle has been unjustly ticketed may appeal. Appeals must be received within 10 business days after the issuance of the ticket or the right to appeal is forfeited. All appeals of parking violations will be considered with respect to the current UA-PTC parking policy. To file an appeal, print the Parking Appeal Form, complete the form and submit it to Michelle Anderson, Campus Center Building Room 306C or it may be faxed completed with all documents to ATTN: Michelle Anderson at (501) 812-2756. The Non-Academic Appeals Committee reviews the parking appeals once a month.

The following are not accepted as valid extenuating circumstances for parking in violation of parking regulations, and an appeal will typically not be granted in these cases:

1. An appeal based on how long the driver was parked in violation. Police/Public Safety Officers will issue a citation to any vehicle parked in violation of regulations. A parking restriction holds for parking for any period of time.

2. An appeal based on the driver’s need to get to class/work/an appointment on time. It typically requires a few minutes to locate a parking spot within the campus parking system. Drivers are urged to plan their schedules to allow sufficient time to find and park in a legal space.

3. An appeal based on lack of parking space near a specific destination. Parking spaces near a specific entrance or building may be limited. The campus parking system does not guarantee a space in a specific lot. Drivers must park in a legal space within a valid lot.

4. An appeal based on the assertion that class was not in session. Parking regulations are enforced throughout the entire calendar year and are not directly associated with the class schedule.

5. An appeal of a restricted/prohibited violation during evening or weekend hours. All parking restrictions and prohibitions are enforced during normal college hours, including weekends, seven days per week.

6. An appeal based on the assertion that the driver did not see the sign or line markings. It is the driver’s responsibility to note and comply with all posted signage, notices and line markings.

7. An appeal based on the assertion that the driver was unaware that a parking decal was needed. Drivers must display a decal in order to park legally on UA-PTC premises.

8. An appeal based on vehicle malfunction. Drivers who experience a vehicle malfunction and cannot move their vehicle should contact the Office of Police and Public Safety for assistance. Short-term authorization to remain parked may be received by the Office of Police and Public Safety. Four-way flashers are designed to warn other motorists that a vehicle may be a hazard. Use of four-way flashers does not allow a driver to park illegally for any period of time.