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CERT - Campus Emergency Response Team

Monday, July 15, 2024

UA-PTC Campus Emergency Response Team

Community/Campus Emergency Response Team (CERT) is led by a group of certified CERT faculty and staff who have been professionally trained on how to assist victims in a disaster, an incident or an emergency on campus. To provide the best assistance, the CERT team participates in drills and exercises and receives additional training.


Michelle Anderson
Steve Armstrong
Rebecca Boswell
Beverly Brister
Sharon Cantrell
Shaun Everest
Mary Gall
Michele Grainger
Daphne Hale
Kiki Heintz
Amanda Kennedy
Allan Lemmon
James Newberry
Sara Osborne
Lennon Parker
Tim Patterson
Jim Porter
Randy Robertson
Thomas Russell
Grace Sandlin
Kate Terrell

CERT Trainers

Jerry Best
Mark Brasseur
Amanda Kennedy
Kate Terrell